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"Jeff's level of commitment and passion for the art of voiceover are exceptional and to be admired. He is an immensely talented performer that brings great creativity, skill and a boat-load of positive Qi to the projects he is involved with."  
--Aric Shuford, National Director of Voiceover Programs at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation
"Jeff is one of my favorite people to work with. He is talented, passionate and very dedicated. Whether creating original characters or voicing the beloved characters we know and love, Jeff is your guy." 
--Mickey Caputo, Creator of Voice-Over 101 Plus
"Jeff brings an energy to the booth that is contagious. He's got solid instincts and is quick to make changes when redirected. His embodiment of the characters and rich performances make his sessions truly delightful." 
--Chris Faiella, VO Director (Fallout 4, Destiny, Guild Wars 2, Dishonored 2)
Jeff DePaoli can currently be heard as the voice of                Trivia on Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. Just tell                              "Alexa, play Disney Trivia."
"Jeff has been a tremendous asset to my projects at Disney. He is an incredibly engaged and thoughtful actor. His  tremendous affability, relatability, and warmth come through in his work, and really make the whole project sing. Also... he can sing!"
--Kal-El Bogdanove, Story Producer at Disney Digital, Voice Director At Large
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